Project news

Starting with health care

The IOM are working for Covid Safe Workplaces, starting with health care.

As part of our project Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Novel Workplace Interventions in Protecting Healthcare Workers from Virus Infection (Covid-HCW), funded by the Chief Scientist’s Office in Scotland, we have implemented a mathematical model of infection risk to health care workers from their work environment. The model incorporates estimated levels of virus in the air and surfaces, and the frequency of workers contacting contaminated air and surfaces to estimate their risk of infection.

We are collecting samples of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in hospital settings, both in the air and on surfaces, along with details of the tasks that various workers in these settings perform to provide data inputs for this model. We are also collecting information about the effectiveness of various novel interventions that could be applied in these settings to test the potential for infection risk reduction in hospitals. While we are currently focusing on the health care sector, we hope to be able to adapt this evaluative model for other workplace settings to help inform risk management decisions.

Blog written by Dr Miranda Loh